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One Proud Momma Joins The DoFollow Movement!

I’m now officially making this blog a DoFollow! Already started with putting the CommentLuv plugin, so next stop is getting rid of the NoFollow attribute. Like my other blog Make Money Online and everything beyond, I hope visitors would be more willing to comment here.

Dofollow Blog Pictures, Images and Photos

Joining the movement would surely make other bloggers comment frequently on a DoFollow blog. The main idea here is your comments would be rewarded with link love. But of course, you must have interesting topics. Make sure you keep the interest of your visitors in mind. Posting contents that would somehow stir their imagination or touch their lives or would need active participation. Spammers are not far behind, so make sure you moderate the comments received, to prevent giving out link juice to those who doesn’t deserve it.

If you want to know more about how you could benefit by being a DoFollow, you could start by reading these:

The articles above would help you be on your way to becoming a DoFollow blog/site. It  explains the basic steps and easy to follow guides as well as the pros and cons.

My other blog has been a DoFollow for just 3 months now and so far so good. I have already 500++ comments and no trouble yet with spammers. I’m using Akismet as a spam blocker and it perfectly works!

Try it and you’ll see a lot more participation from your visitors.

Are you already a DoFollow? What experiences can you share with us after you took out the nofollow tag?

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  1. One Proud Momma Joins The DoFollow Movement!

  2. Ako din, I installed Inense debate for my comment and my blog now is doFollow, Thanks for the tips… ^_~

    1. Where you able to fix your problem?

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