I  might be gone for a few days so forgive me if I won’t be able to visit you back. Hubby will be in surgery today to remove a nodule on his throat. So, my hands will be full and my mind would not be in tuned to blog.

But here’s hoping and praying that all will be well and a success. I forgot to ask the doctor if it’s a major or minor surgery. My mind’s a mess right now and praying that it would not turn out to be cancerous.So glad that the health card will shoulder all the expenses, because the surgery costs around Php65K. Thanks to Medicard!

Hubby would only have to stay in the hospital for just a day but the recovery period is 2 weeks. I don’t know yet if he would be able to eat anything solid after the operation or just a soft diet.

If you are reading this, please don’t forget to say a little prayer for him.. We need all the prayers we can get.. Thanks

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