A few years ago, I saw this video of a nanny kicking a baby and as if she wasn’t satisfied, stepped on the baby’s back! I was pregnant with my youngest at that time and I couldn’t help but cry and cursed that crazy *%#^*@! Later on, I found out that she’s from my country. That made me more angry. News said that she suffered a nervous breakdown (as per employers) and got crazy.

That video made me decide not to entrust my kids to any nanny/ housemaid. When my eldest was born, we were lucky because the nanny that we hired love kids and really took care of my son as if he was her own. I’m a hands on mom, until now that my youngest is turning 3. But there are times that I had to go to the bathroom or cook, so I let the maid take over. Whenever I leave the house, I bring the baby with me and the maid. My husband and I are not comfortable to leave the kids alone with the maid for fear that something bad will happen or she’ll kidnap the kids.

Just awhile ago, my husband was browsing his Facebook account and saw another horrible video. Guess what, another bad nanny! Told him to send it to me so I can share it here. Watch the video below..

Only a crazy/mentally ill person could do that to a child. After watching this video on Facebook, I checked YouTube for similar videos. I was shocked to find numerous and different accounts or stories of nannies beating children to death. Helpless babies who can’t tell their parents of the brutal things these nannies do to them. There was even one child who died of abuse and another infant who was drugged by a nanny.

Thank God for hidden cameras, these nannies can now be put to jail and rot!

After seeing this video, would you still entrust your kids to a nanny?

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