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I started my online career (if you can call it that, lol) on May 2008 but only created a profile on Blogger and didn’t start blogging until July 2009. For the lack of knowledge about what’s going on in the blogosphere, I just browsed and consumed whatever I can learn. Though in 2008, I already started with some Paid To Click sites. That time, that was the only thing I know on how I can make money online.

Since I got pregnant with my eldest almost 11 years ago, I had to stop working because I had a very difficult pregnancy to the point that I was on bed rest for 6 months. When I gave birth and found out that he was “special”, I decided that I can’t entrust my son with someone else. I had to take care of him myself because of medical reasons. Some of you may have read my entry on a contest entitled  My Ultimate Wish, so at least you now have some ideas on what I’m talking about here.

I was a manager on a shipping company but my career had to end or I would risk my son’s life. Nevertheless, I don’t have any regrets. Ever since I was in high school, all I wanted was a complete and happy family. I believed I wouldn’t be able to achieve that if  I won’t make any sacrifices.  Personal growth would have to take a back seat if I want to place my whole family in the limelight.

Since then, a lot of things happened. Some worst but mostly blessings and happiness came our way. After I gave birth to our second son, things fell into place. So, when I got the chance to learn to blog, I didn’t think twice and started my new found career.

I started my first niche blog  Make Money Online and everything beyond last July 2008. Since then, I think I can say I have come this far, a little successful in making money, though not enough to earn me a decent living just by blogging. I have also started with some Paid To Blog sites but haven’t gotten much work yet. At least, I’m getting there.

Creating this new blog makes me happier. In here I can tackle topics which I can’t start on my other blog. I can share thoughts and inspire people. I feel that I can release some pressures here, lol.. Well, this is a personal blog, so what else can I share here but something personal, right.

This post is just a prelude of things you will find out about me. Hope you get to read the next ones. You might find me interesting eventually *wink*…

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