I have two boys aged 11 and 3 years old. Both are hyper active in many aspects. Since the birth of the youngest, I have seen them fight over nonsense things (for us adults, it’s nonsense, of course), laughed out loud at simple jokes, played together with their fave toys and cried over broken ones.

My eldest nowadays, seems so jealous of everything about his little bro. Most specially at things the toddler does that he can’t do. Even the simple running around the house and climbing up the stairs, he’s jealous. Well, maybe, because of his physical conditions, that’s why.

We aren’t neglecting my eldest son but he refuses to understand why his 3 year old brother gets more attention than him. The fact that he’s already 11 though with physical restrictions, his needs are different from the younger one. We made sure he understands the difference but sometimes he just can’t help but be jealous.

They are both getting a fair share ofย  love from me and my husband. Favoritism is out of the question.

I have researched about this when time came that we can’t control the rivalry anymore. The little one is a copycat so he thought his brother’s reactions are acceptable. That’s only one of the things my eldest son hates, being copied on whatever he says and does. Apart from that, sharing is also a big problem.

My friends say it’s only natural, that sibling rivalry occurs in most kids around the world. It should not be taken lightly though, for if not corrected, the kids might think everything is alright and this attitude might be a problem later on when they get older.

Do you have kids? Did you encounter this problem with them too? Then, how did you handle it? I would love to hear tips from you, maybe I could use it too…

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