Grace, blog owner of Amazing Grace, is celebrating her 43rd birthday with another contest! It’s open to all bloggers locally or internationally. It started on the day of her birthday (July 22) and will end after 43 days. Winners will be selected thru and a video will be uploaded to show authenticity.

Prizes are:

1st Prize :
$50 Cash thru Paypal
5,000 EC Credits
2 Domains with Webhosting

2nd Prize :
$ 30 Cash thru Paypal
2,000 EC Credits
1 Domain with Webhosting

3rd Prize :
$ 20 Cash thru Paypal
2,ooo EC Credits
1 Domain with Webshosting

4th Prize :
2,000 EC Credits
1 Domain with Webhosting

5th Prize :
1,000 EC Credits
1 Domain with Webhosting

Special Prize for US Bloggers only : 5 pcs Lip gloss Collection

Amazing Grace

How to Join:
1. Blog about the contest with the title Amazing Grace Amazing Birthday Contest!
2. Copy the Prizes , Mechanics and the the list of Sponsors.
3. Place the link of Grace’s other blogs in your blog list
4. Shout the Contest on Facebook.
5. Return to the contest page and leave the URL of your entry.

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